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The best way to run your store

Find out the advantages of having your N1 Insight

Your store's data in one place

Collection of Analytics and VTEX data being friendly displayed on a dashboard so that you have a broad view of your operation.

Full control of your e-commerce

The tool will help you quickly identify problems or opportunities, giving the possibility to target those responsible for them in an objective and assertive manner.

Access your data on any device

Do not waste time! Access and view insights anywhere with any device. A quick decision can make all the difference.

Find out the features of N1 Insight

Manage your store inventory, list your customers by profiles, analyze your metrics and track the success of your e-commerce

Customer Control

Look for your customer and see information such as average ticket, number of purchases made, besides the possibility of marking it with a tag to create groups of customers in your store.


Average ticket per marketplace, ranking of top selling products, order number, billing and more!


List of top selling products, or/and that are running out of stock or that have sold out.

Metric Analysis

Display of key store data such as conversions from top browsers, devices, revenue by state, real-time active users, access source, most used search words, and much more!

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